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Tracks & Trails, our membership newsletter, is published four times a year and is full of interesting articles, upcoming events, profiles, newsbriefs, and more.

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Summer 2024
Summer 2024 Tracks & Trails

A Battle Worth Winning; Dinosaurs Return; Animal Care: Biosecurity; Naturalist's Corner - Dinsaurs, Cameras, and Poop; Kirkwood Gardens; Trailhead Event Space; Meet Our Interns; and more.

Spring 2024
Spring 2024 Tracks & Trails

Vernal Pools; Meet Rachel Saliba; Animal Care; Naturalist's Corner; Solar Eclipse; Volunteer Training; Membership Updates; Make an Eclipse Viewer; and more.

Winter 2023-24
Winter 2023 Tracks & Trails

When Climate and Color Clash; Dinner with the Lions; Animals in Winter; Kids' Activities; Thank you Volunteers; Volunteer Profile: Wood Lot Team; and more.

Fall 2023
Fall 2023 Tracks & Trails

Forests React to a Changing Climate; Forging Trails: Scotland; Animal Introductions; Mycelia and Mushrooms; Kirkwood Gardens, Programs, and Events; and more.

Summer 2023
Summer 2023 Tracks & Trails

Life as a Solitary Bee; An invitation to our summer events; Mountain Lion Training; An Insect Superhero; Kirkwood Gardens; In Memoriam: Bill Webb; and more.

Spring 2023
Spring 2023 Tracks & Trails

Burbot; Going Solar; New Mountain Lions; Budding Trees; Moles or Voles; Belknap Landscape Company; Membership Updates; Sponsor A Species; and more.

Winter 2022-23
Winter 2022 Tracks & Trails

Black Bears; Animal Enrichment; Kirkwood Gardens; Staff Profiles: Jordan Fitzgerald and Jordy Gianforte; Kids Activities; and more.

Fall 2022
Fall 2022 Tracks & Trails

Raptors; Volunteer Profile: Dom and Irene Marocco; Naturalist's Corner; Kirkwood Gardens Plant Spotlight and Tips; Programs and Events; Family Picnic; Annual Meeting; and more.

Summer 2022
Summer 2022 Tracks & Trails

Tricks Insects Play; Birds of the Squam Lakes Region; Trustee Profile: Ken Evans; Moose to Monarchs; Eco-Friendly Birdwatching; From the Archives; and more.

Spring 2022
Spring 2022 Tracks & Trails

Mosses; Donor Profile: Robert and Peg Ridgely; Science Center Access for All; Bonus Member Benefits; and more.

Winter 2021-22
Winter 2021 Tracks & Trails

Bald Eagles; Hawk Migration; Staff Profile: Audrey Eisenhauer; Winter Brook Trout; Kirkwood Gardens Plant Spotlight; Going Solar; and more.

Fall 2021
Fall 2021 Tracks & Trails

Goldenrod; Volunteer Profile: Alex Markarian; Naturalist's Corner: Death Zombie Fungus; Kirkwood Gardens Plant Spotlight; Programs and Events; Trail's End: Summing Up Summer; and more.

Summer 2021
Summer 2021 Tracks & Trails

Kestrel Capers; Motus Takes Flight; Trustee Profile: Tony Wagner; Naturalist's Corner: Simple Pleasures; Kirkwood Gardens Plant Spotlight; Trail's End: Welcome Back; and more.

Spring 2021
Spring 2021 Tracks & Trails

Secrets of Wild Suckers; Education Matters; Wild Behavior ni Human Care; Thirty-seven years of Science Center Lake Cruises; and more.

Winter 2020-21
Winter 2020 Tracks & Trails

Great Horned Owls; Staff Profile: Tom Klein; How the Beaver Survives Winter; Volunteer Update; and more.

Fall 2020
Fall 2020 Tracks & Trails

Lichens: A Lasting Bond; Volunteer Profile: Michelle Janosa; Naturalists's Corner: Hornworms; Virtually Wild School Programs; Trail's End: A Debt to Nature; and more.

Summer 2020
Summer 2020 Tracks & Trails

Acrobatic Dragons; Trustee Profile: Lea A. Stewart; Naturalists's Corner: Empathy for Insects; Kirkwood Gardens Plant Spotlight; The Importance of our Natural World; and more.

Spring 2020
Spring 2020 Tracks & Trails

Mysteries of Mussels; What's Buggins the Science Center; Donor Profile: Jill White; The Cost of Cats; Strategic Planning; and more.

Winter 2019-20
Winter 2019 Tracks & Trails

Snow Cat; Birds are Disappearing; Staff Profile: Kevin VanGorden; Bird Beaks; and more.

Fall 2019
Fall 2019 Tracks & Trails

Poison Ivy; Volunteer Profile: Lisa Davis; Naturalist's Corner: Beach Balls, Surf Balls, and Whale Burps; and more.

Summer 2019
Summer 2019 Tracks & Trails

Muskrat Musings; Trustee Profile: William F. Lee, Jr.; Naturalists's Corner: The Sound of Silence; Kirkwood Gardens Plant Spotlight; and more.

Spring 2019
Spring 2019 Tracks & Trails

A Snail's Pace; The Dinosaurs Are Coming!; Member Profile: Linda Hanson; Why So Many Squirrels and So Few Blue Jays; and more.

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