All trails are currently CLOSED (live animal exhibit trail and hiking trails).
Purple Globe Thistle in Kirkwood Gardens

Tribute Gifts

Create a lasting memory to honor or remember a person or celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary.

Your gift helps to care for and feed our ambassador animals, to maintain buildings, trails, and exhibits, to provide excellent educational programs, and to help provide opportunities for more people to learn about New Hampshire’s natural world.

We hope you find Squam Lakes Natural Science Center to be an important resource that stimulates and educates, that provides value to the community, and enhances the region.

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In Memory of Anne and James Alvord
DeHaven Family

In Memory of Rosie Angell
Nancy Conklin
Liz and Dennis Hager

In Honor of Kim Beardwood-Smith
Lois Beardwood

In Memory of J. Wilcox Brown
Tom and Kris Brown

In Memory of Marlene Couture
Susan Lavin

In Honor of Brenda Erler
Sarah and Win Brown
Janet and Rich Cocciaro
Bill and Nancy Dailey
David and Sylvia Detscher
Donna Goldberg
John and Phee Grandbois
Liz and Dennis Hager
Dan and Susan Kemp
Bill and Linda Lee
Missy Mason
Sally Shipton and Jim Nourse
Diane Potter
Sydney Stewart
Robert and Joanna Tuveson
Bill and Bonnie Webb
Tracy Webster-Babcock
Bruce and Betsy Whitmore

In Memory of Thomas Cowie
Ken and Jenny Evans

In Memory of Mary Denison
William and Elizabeth Dewey

In Memory of Gerald Durrell
Dan Blum

In Memory of Caroline "Sue" Eggleston
Retail Control Systems

In Honor of Josh Flagg

In Honor of Sonja Guzman

In Honor of Allison Harrison
Deborah Harrison

In Memory of Parker T. Hart and Jane Hart
Mary Deal

In Memory of Richard Davis Herrick
Terri Pollini

In Honor of Deborah Kennedy-Coster
Matthew Fullerton

In Memory of Patricia Keiver
Robert Keiver and Pamela Rodgers

In Memory of Mildred S. Kopperl
Jane Kopperl

In Memory of Jean M. Lovett
Molly and Mark Brewer
Amos and Barbara Hostetter
Anne Levin
David and Carter Rountree

In Memory of Helen Mathieson
Margaret and David Conver

In Honor of Ella McCleary
Barbara McCleary

In Memory of Richard Melvin
Susan Ellis
Jeremy and Barbara Sawyer
Priscilla Chapter 50 Order of the Eastern Star

In Memory of Robert A. Mortoro
J. Smith

In Memory of Lorraine Novinski

In Memory of William O'Grady
Maranda Smith

In Memory of Natalie and Don Parsons
Priscilla and Wayne Fletcher
Donna Parsons and Charlie Drago
Nancy Parsons and James McDermott

In Honor of Lee Petty
Henagan Foundation

In Memory of Doris and Bill Phippen
Pamela Magrath
Beth Phippen-Lepine

In Memory of Barbara Ridgely
Virginia Ridgely Howe

In Honor of Janet Robertson
Emily Preston
Elizabeth Rowe
Susan and Tom Stepp
Betsy and Bruce Whitmore

In Memory of Greg Smith
Gail Smith and Francie Chalmers
Rich and Ann Chalmers
James Talcott Fund

In Memory of Shirley Stockwell
Elizabeth Goodwin
Sean Murphy
Mark Stockwell
Joyce Titus
Sue Weeks and Family

In Memory of William Stratton
Masoud and Bonnie Keyan

In Honor of Carol Thompson
Sarah and Win Brown
Eric and Jane Philippi

In Memory of John G. Waters
Nancy Waters

In Memory of Larry Webster
Betsy and Bruce Whitmore

In Honor of Betsy and Bruce Whitmore
Joan and John Fauvre
Whitney and Kelli Rugg

In Memory of Beverly "Bebe" Wood
Christine Bird
Susan Vines and John Nikander

In Memory of Elizabeth Ford Wood and Rawson Wood
Ellen Barth