The live animal exhibit trail and all hiking trails are OPEN every day! Squam Lake Cruises run daily.
High school lake education program at the Science Center

Grades 9-12

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Indoor Live Animal Programs | Grades 9-12

Give your students the opportunity to have an up close encounter with native New Hampshire wildlife in these one-hour programs featuring three live animals. You select the focus of the program. Choose from a variety of themes such as New Hampshire Wildlife, Birds of Prey, Owls of New Hampshire, Predators, or New Hampshire Mammals. Have a different topic in mind? Call us to customize a program for your students.
Available: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, at SLNSC or your site


The following programs will engage your students with data collection to bring the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices to life while helping students increase their understanding of the Nature of Science.

Field and Forest Ecology | Grades 9-12

What are the stresses and benefits of living in different places? How do plants and animals adapt? Students investigate the differences between the natural communities of fields and forests. Through hands-on scientific studies, teams measure wind speed, temperature, soil pH, humidity, and other factors. Discussion compares and contrasts the measurements.
Available: Fall, Spring, Summer, at SLNSC only

Lake Ecology | Grades 9-12

Study Squam Lake on a floating classroom. Using hands-on measurements of pH, dissolved oxygen, water hardness, clarity, temperature, and other parameters, student teams can assess the lake’s health. Students also examine lake sediment and collect plankton to observe with a high definition projection microscope. All data are posted on the Science Center’s website for teachers to compare with results from past years.
Available: Fall, Spring, Summer, at SLNSC only

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